Our Team

Dustbane is proudly based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada with representatives across the country to help serve you better. Reach out to us today!

Leadership Team

Leadership Team

Benjamin Merkley
Phone: 613-745-6861 ext. 210
Email: bmerkley@dustbane.ca

Executive Vice-President
David French
Phone: 613-745-6861 ext. 291
Email: dfrench@dustbane.ca

Senior Vice-President
Marc Galarneau
Phone: 613-745-6861 ext. 323
Email: mgalarneau@dustbane.ca

Vice-President, Sales
Shannon Hall, CSP
Phone: 613-745-6861 ext. 266
Email: shall@dustbane.ca

General Manager, Operations
Grant Beesley
Phone: 613-745-6861 ext. 236
Email: gbeesley@dustbane.ca

Director of Finance
Dan Cassidy, CPA, CMA
Phone: 613-745-6861 ext. 220
Email: dcassidy@dustbane.ca

Sales Team

Sales Team

Leigh Johnston
Phone: 403-462-1223
Email: ljohnston@dustbane.ca

Allan Rennebohm
Phone: 403-461-1999
Email: arennebohm@dustbane.ca

Greater Toronto Area
Cam Carnegie
Phone: 905-243-35863
Email: ccarnegie@dustbane.ca

Eastern and Northern Ontario
Peter Forster
Phone: 613-859-0081
Email: pforster@dustbane.ca

South Western Ontario
Ramon Cue
Phone: 905-301-3792
Email: rcue@dustbane.ca

Martin Lalonde
Phone: 514-236-0529
Email: mlalonde@dustbane.ca

Saskatchewan and Atlantic Canada
Allan Foley
Phone: 506-444-1966
Email: afoley@dustbane.ca

British Columbia
Tim Robertshaw, CSP
Phone: 604-787-1409
Email: trobertshaw@dustbane.ca

Service Team

Service Team

Customer Experience Coordinator
Lynne Patry
Phone: 613-745-6861 ext. 286
Email: lpatry@dustbane.ca

Customer Experience Coordinator
Melanie Roy
Phone: 613-745-6861 ext. 286
Email: mroy@dustbane.ca

Marketing Specialist
Amélie Bérubé
Phone: 613-745-6861 ext. 288
Email: aberube@dustbane.ca